Google Gadgets run on Widgetop and Apple Dashboard

Google Gadgets can now be converted to run directly on either Widgetop web desktop or Apple Dashboard. Our new universal Google Gadget Widget enables the use of any Google Gadget you like from Googles Gadget catalog.

Google Gadget Widget

Put the Google Gadget Widget on your desktop, paste the Gadget src code into the backside of our widget converter, and flip the widget back over to see your Google Gadget running on your desktop. To get the src code press the “Add to webpage” button then “Get the Source” button to display the src code in the text box below. Copy and paste just whats containing between the speechmarks in src=”” mce_src=”” code. That means you are omitting all the outer wrapper xml script tags and taking just the src code.

For developers that want to deploy Google Gadgets on Widgetop or Dashboard with minimal hassle, you can now use the Google Gadget Developer Template to easily convert and package Google Gadgets into Dashboard widgets. Please see the developerGuide.html which comes with the widget for more details and the Examples.

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2 Comments on “Google Gadgets run on Widgetop and Apple Dashboard”

  1. Adi Says:

    I downloaded it, but i don’t understand how to put a google gadget on.

    i want to put the gullible info rss feed (a google gadget) on my dashboard

  2. Hi,

    We updated our downloads page which has more detailed instructions on how to get your Google gadget to work.

    Download the google gadget widget and run it on your dashboard.

    Go to google web site and find the page for the gadget you want.

    Press the “Add to webpage” button and then the “Get the Code” button to reveal the widgets src code in the text box below.

    Copy just the contained src code (omitting the outer script tags) as you can on the src heading field on the widgets backside. You can then apply the layout settings to the widget also. Finally, Flip the widget back over and your gadget should br running.

    Have fun and Enjoy,
    Widgetop Developers

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