External links to add Google Gadgets

Google Gadget
You can now add a link with a unique URL to your web page which launches the users Widgetop Web Desktop with any Google Gadget you want.
Just go to the Google Gadget Catalog, select the widget you want, press the Add to your webpage button, copy the code and replace in the following URL (make sure you escape it properly):


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3 Comments on “External links to add Google Gadgets”

  1. Cool Gadgets Says:

    wow…thats amazing…..il surely try that on my page….

  2. Guys I ve heard that Inet Bizness booming right now! With all the Newspapers and Radio chanel bancrupt advertisement shifted online! Are you making cash of this web now!

  3. This is very up-to-date info. I’ll share it on Facebook.

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