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September 4, 2008

With their new Chrome browser Google just threw their hat into the ring. Of course we were curious to see how Widgetop would look like:

Widgetop on Chrome

Not to our surprise it works very well right out of the box because it is based on the WebKit engine (used by Apple for the Safari browser). Google spent a lot of effort to make it the perfect browser for web applications like our Widgetop desktop. It’s really fast because they sped up the javascript engine. Moreover you can easily create an application shortcut which you can put on the Windows desktop, start menu or quick launch (similar to Prism or Fluid):

  • Open the Widgetop desktop in Chrome
  • Open the page menu and select Create application shortcuts
  • Choose the shortcuts you want to create

And don’t forget, in addition to your own Widgetop desktop you can create shortcuts to one of Widgetop’s publicly shared desktops.


Popular Language Translator Widget updated

May 23, 2008


Our very popular Language Translator widget (#1 on Apple’s Top 50 list for several weeks) has been updated to a new version. Now it translates text between 22 different foreign languages.

You can download the update from here or test it on Widgetop before.

RSS Feeds on Mobile Widgetop

April 22, 2008

While it is already much easier to add RSS news feeds to your Widgetop desktop we make it much simpler for the mobile and iPhone version of Widgetop as well.

Tap the Add Widget Icon then click the new RSS Icon to open the new Add News Feeds page:

RSS Feeds

Same as on the desktop version you can search for feeds by keyword or add feeds by their URL.

Adding RSS Feeds to Widgetop

April 10, 2008

There is lots of valuable information available as RSS feeds. Therefore we decided to make the adding of news feeds to the widgetop desktop a lot easier. Just open Add Widget and go to the new RSS Feeds tab:

Add RSS Feeds Tab

Here you can either:

  • enter the URL of a RSS feed
  • enter the URL of a web site which feed you want to subscribe
  • search for feeds by keyword

This will add the new RSS Feed widget with the selected feed to your desktop:

RSS Feed widget

New Widget Download: Language Translator

March 30, 2008

Translator Screenshot

We just made our new Language Translatgor widget available on the Widgetop web desktop and on our downloads page.

This widget translates any text between different languages using Googles language translation service. It can even detect the source language.

Go and download it from here.

Don’t miss the iPhone version of this widget:

Add to Widgetop

External links to add Google Gadgets

February 15, 2007

Google Gadget
You can now add a link with a unique URL to your web page which launches the users Widgetop Web Desktop with any Google Gadget you want.
Just go to the Google Gadget Catalog, select the widget you want, press the Add to your webpage button, copy the code and replace in the following URL (make sure you escape it properly):

Add Google Gadgets even easier

February 15, 2007

Google Gadget Widget
We added a new feature to make the of Google Gadgets to your desktop easier. Open the Add Widgets box and follow the link to Add Google Gadget. Here you can enter the Gadget code you can copy from the Google Gadget catalog. This will add a new Google Gadget Widget to your desktop properly set up with your chosen Google Gadget.

Note: You can download the Google Gadget Widget as a Apple Dashboard widget to run any Google Gadget on your local Dashboard.

Google Gadgets run on Widgetop and Apple Dashboard

November 9, 2006

Google Gadgets can now be converted to run directly on either Widgetop web desktop or Apple Dashboard. Our new universal Google Gadget Widget enables the use of any Google Gadget you like from Googles Gadget catalog.

Google Gadget Widget

Put the Google Gadget Widget on your desktop, paste the Gadget src code into the backside of our widget converter, and flip the widget back over to see your Google Gadget running on your desktop. To get the src code press the “Add to webpage” button then “Get the Source” button to display the src code in the text box below. Copy and paste just whats containing between the speechmarks in src=”” mce_src=”” code. That means you are omitting all the outer wrapper xml script tags and taking just the src code.

For developers that want to deploy Google Gadgets on Widgetop or Dashboard with minimal hassle, you can now use the Google Gadget Developer Template to easily convert and package Google Gadgets into Dashboard widgets. Please see the developerGuide.html which comes with the widget for more details and the Examples.