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New Widget Download: Countries

January 26, 2009

Countries Screenshot

Do you ask yourself sometimes, where in the world is this country? This widget shows each country of the world on the map. Either select it from the list or jump around randomly.

Go and download it from here.

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New RSS Feed: Top Widgets

March 7, 2008


In addition to our existing RSS feeds for new, updated and featured widgets you can now subscribe to our:

rss feed Top Widgets RSS Feed.

It is compiled out of the most used widgets by all registered users and updated once a day. You can check it out yourself on the Widgetop desktop with our Widgetop widget.

Please see our syndication page for more details.

New Widget Download: Widgetop Widgets

February 25, 2008

Widgetop Widgets Screenshot

We just made our new Widgetop Widgets widget available on the Widgetop web desktop and on our downloads page.

See which widgets are hot, new, updated or have been featured on Widgetop. See their screenshots or add them directly to the Widgetop desktop for easy testing.

Go and download it from here.

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